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Homeschool international ball gives exposure to dances, foods around the world

What is better than a homeschool field trip?  How about a homeschool field trip with cross-cultural food, music, and dances that will appeal to all ages?  (You don’t even have to tell the kids that the fun will be educational!)

Tina Liedle uses the medium of international events to foster understanding of other cultures, maintain access to the traditions of our heritage, and gender international understanding of and cooperation with the homeschooling movement. She has raised up a troupe of dancers from all age groups called the Chalet Performers who have toured Europe and won several distinguished honors.

Desiring to share this rich cultural heritage with the homeschooling community, Tina sets up events that engage the heart and soul of the participants.  The next event is an International Ball, complete with opportunity to come in ball attire from any era and any country.

International Ball

A 6-hour, culturally enriching event, held in a lovely setting.

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