College Prep: Tips on creating a homeschool transcript

  • Do I really need a homeschool transcript?
  • Where can I go to get a professional document prepared?
  • Do I need to send in all of my student’s work for someone to verify and validate all of the homeschool courses?
  • Can I really create a transcript myself?  Is that legal?

These are common questions of most homeschool families with students in the high school years.  Fortunately, the answers are pleasantly positive and easy.

Do I really need a homeschool transcript?

See a sample homeschool transcript

Yes.  A transcript is a record of the classes taken by the homeschool student, grades received and credits earned.

  • Nearly all colleges will want to see this information to ensure that the student has the basic skills and coursework needed for moving on to higher education.  Even if college is not in the picture now, it may be in the future.
  • A well-prepared transcript can be the key factor in being considered for college admission and even scholarships.
  • It is a great summary for yourself to show what you have achieved, even if you are not planning to attend college.\
  • Some jobs will want this document for security clearance purposes, even years after you have finished high school.
  • “Good Student Discounts” are often offered by car insurance companies, and a transcript can save you a lot of money.

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