Five top secrets to finding homeschool scholarships for college

The cost of getting a college education keeps going up.  Arizona universities are expected to raise rates another 17%, after significant increases the past three years.  Homeschoolers who are not tapped into the local public school networks for finding scholarships may fear their children will be out of luck with getting college funding.

Not to worry, however.  There are thousands of scholarships available to anyone who takes the time to search them out, but there are some key steps that will help your searching be more successful.

1.  Complete the FAFSA form early in the spring before entering college as a high school graduate.

  • This gives access to grants, work study and federal loans
  • Focus on a February 14 deadline to have the best chance for grants which don’t have to be repaid.

2.  Sign up with for easy scholarship searching

  • Fastweb is a search engine for finding the scholarships for which you qualify by filling out one online form
  • Include as much detailed information on yourself as possible as you answer the questions.  There are designated funds for very specific populations, based on national heritage, physical characteristics (i.e. red hair, women over 5’10”), hobbies, clubs, parents’ affiliations etc.

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