Finding homeschool scholarships with five more secret tips

Finding money to pay for collge can be an overwhelming task unless you know some secrets. Gen and Kelly Tanabe garnered more than $100,000 in scholarships, and both graduated from Harvard debt-free. Now they travel the country sharing their tips so any homeschoolers or other high school students can also financially afford their college education. Some of these tips have been examined in Part 1 (Five top secrets to finding homeschool scholarships for college) and Part 2 (Five more secrets to landing great homeschool scholarships to college), and a few more will be explored here.

11.  Understand what is on the ACT and SAT test (college entrance tests)  or the ASSET (community college placement test) and know how to prepare for them.

  • Many schools have merit scholarships for the top strata of applicants.  Check the catalog of the school of your choice for the score guidelines for eligibility.
  • Free SAT and ACT practice tests can help you do your best when you take the official test.
  • Students who score in the highest tiers for the ASSET can get full tuition scholarships to the Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona.

12.  Prepare well for the PSAT test, which is taken officially in 11th grade.

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