Deepwater Horizon oil spill anniversary: Free science curriculum from Dawn

The intersection of current events and practical applications of science and technology is a wonderful combination for homeschoolers.  Obtaining curriculum that accomplishes this joining together for free is even better.

Dawn dishsoap has been involved in wildlife rescue from oil spills for 30 years.  Animals are washed in Dawn to be freed from the thick, oily sludge which will cause them to get hypothermia.  According to Stephanie Herzfeld, Senior Account Executive,

“Dawn provides the right balance of efficacy and skin mildness. The product’s surfactant ratio is specially designed to quickly and effectively cut through the grease on dishes, while being mild to skin. This benefit also makes the Dawn very well suited for helping rescue animals caught in oil spills, as it can cut through the oil without harming the delicate feathers and fur of animals.”

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of oil spill clean up efforts and the first anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Dawn has combined expertise with Jay Holcomb of International Bird Rescue, The Marine Mammal Center, and Discovery Education to create a unique curriculum for school children, Dawn Junior Wildlife Champions. Geared for 3rd-5th graders, but applicable for a much wider range, the materials guide students and parents into three topics complete with hands-on activities and experiments:

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