NFWL/NRA offers $3000 scholarship to high school females|Homeschoolers invited

Social media is quickly becoming the foundation for success, whether it is getting aid sent to disaster areas such as Japan or Haiti, job hunting, or getting elected to a political office. In a matter of seconds, potentially millions of fans can be alerted to your latest thoughts or needs, and people can be quickly mobilized to action for a cause.  President Barack Obama is said to have won the election in part due to his savvy use of internet and social media.

For those who make personal or business gaffes, social media can also be a bane since the news can go viral in the blink of an eye.

The National Foundation for Women Legislators and the National Rifle Association believe that social media will have increasing importance in upcoming legislative races and careers, and they want to hear from female high school students what that perceived impact will be.  They are sponsoring the 14th Annual Bill of Rights Essay Contest with the focus on “The Impact of the First Amendment on Women Leaders and Social Media”.

Each applicant for the essay contest must be sponsored by a female legislator in her state.  Linda Gray, state senator from Arizona, sponsored one of the 2010 winners, Kate Demarest, and 2009 winner, Rachel Carnicle, is also from Arizona.  Senator Gray especially welcomes homeschoolers to participate.

14th Annual NFWL/NRA 2011Bill of Rights Scholarship Essay Contest

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