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SB 1152 redefines homeschooling to exclude public school funded venues

Generally, if there are bills in the Arizona Legislature regarding homeschooling, they are ones the homeschoolers like to keep an eye on and be ready to take action.  This spring, SB 1152 was introduced in the state senate and signed by Governor Brewer on April 6 with almost no notice to the homeschooling community.

SB 1152 was initiated by Arizona Families for Home Educationand sponsored by Senator Rich Crandall, chairman of the Senate Education Committee.  No new law was created, and only a few minor wording changes were made to several sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes Education code.  However, the impact of the bill will be significant.

Definition of homeschooling

  • A.R.S. 15-802(F)(1) has been amended to read “For purposes of this section: ‘Homeschool’ means anonpublicschool conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child ornonpublicinstruction provided in the child’s home.”  (bold words added)
  • Previously where the words “home-school”, “home school” or “instruction at home” were used, every instance in the state code has now been amended to use the word “homeschool”.

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