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Homeschool workshop series equips parents on lesson plans, records, college prep

If you are a homeschool parent, or if you are thinking about homeschooling your children, you probably have lots of questions.  These are some of the most common queries asked by homeschoolers:

  • * How do I set up a schedule for getting through all the materials?
  • * Do I need to keep all of my students’ work?
  • * What records do I need to keep, and where do I need to send them?
  • * How do I teach all the high school classes?
  • * What classes are needed for college entrance?
  • * What testing is needed as a homeschooler?
  • * What else should I be doing for my kids during high school?
  • * Can my kids really get into college?
  • * How can a homeschooler get college scholarships?

If you have been pondering these or similar questions, you are invited to participate in a series of workshops designed to provide practical answers and resources so that you are more equipped to give your children the best education and preparation possible.

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