Virtual classes: Popular “homeschool” method for troubled kids


We’re seeing a growing number of kids (specifically troubled boys and younger girls who end up pregnant) who are finishing high school via homeschooling through online classes. Do you have any input on the value or problems associated with online classes?

According to the Maricopa County (Arizona) Homeschool Specialist, there is a growing number of people who are homeschooling students who no longer are able, due to behavior problems, to attend the public schools.  Often, the only option left is homeschooling.  A number of these enroll in virtual academies, which are public charter schools done online.

  • There is nothing wrong with public schools offering online schools, as long as they call them public school options.  One student familiar to this Examiner is using one such program, and is highly successful.  She had been getting harrassed by teachers and didn’t like all the distractions in the classroom.  Her advisor encouraged her to do the virtual school.  Since she is very motivated, she works well on her own and goes at her own pace.

    For students who don’t have that intrinsic motivation, it can be a real struggle.  Also, some students are social learners, and need to have someone else in the room or nearby so they can ask questions and have discussions.

  • It is great to have school choice, so that parents and students can find the best fit for their needs.  However, parents are still responsible to see that the students are actually doing the work.

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