Ultimate Guide to America’s Best Colleges is prime homeschool tool

Book title:  The Ultimate Guide to America’s Best Colleges
Authors:  Gen and Kelly Tanabe
Publication date:  August 1, 2011
Where to purchase in Phoenix:  Barnes and Noble, Metro Center

The Ultimate Guide to America’s Best Colleges is incredibly detailed, and yet the important information about the college statistics is concise and to the point.  Writing in a conversational style, the Tanabes document the best and worst aspects of 300 universities and colleges.  Sidebars on the college profile pages give a quick and precise overview about the demographics of the student population, the school’s hometown, and the university personnel.

Potential college applicants will find step-by-step information on the process of understanding the features of a school and the questions to ask to narrow down the choices. They will also discover tremendous help in the How-to Guides (picking a college, getting into college, and getting the most financial aid) and the college ranking sections (best college values, best colleges by majors).

Selected chapter headings from The Ultimate Guide to America’s Best Colleges
  • How to Pick the Right College for You
  • The Top 18 Tips to Get into College
  • Five Steps to Getting the Most Financial Aid
  • Part 3: College Rankings
  • Best College Values
  • Strong Colleges by Major
  • Part 4: Profiles of America’s Best Colleges
  • Part 5: Indexes
  • Index by College Name
  • Index by State and Country
  • Index by Cost
Besides being award-winning authors and frequent speakers on the college admissions process, Gen and Kelly Tanabe have a website, SuperCollege.com, which is filled with great information on current scholarships, 10-step guides to the key questions, and expert advice on everything related to college.  They even offer a $1000 merit award of their own,which has an application deadline of July 31, 2011.
Gen and Kelly Tanabe have written exceptional works on the best practices and resources for navigating the journey into higher education.  “The Ultimate Guide” may even exceed the standard they have already created. Other books they have written include:

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