Homeschooling novels: When Sparrows Fall shows downside of Quiverfull movement – Phoenix Homeschooling |

Book title:  When Sparrows Fall, a novel
Author:  Meg Moseley, homeschool mom and first time author
Publication date:  May, 2011
Publisher:  Multnomah Publishing
Where to purchase in Phoenix:  Barnes and Noble, Metro Center

When Sparrows Fall is a moving story on several levels.  Feeling trapped by a restrictive and rule-filled church, and by extension, her homeschool environment, Miranda Hanford lives a bit of a double life.  She dutifully homeschools her children and keeps them from the public library where they may encounter fiction works and novels with ideas contrary to the church’s mandates. However, she keeps the latest woman’s magazine stashed under her bed to read in moments of solitude and yearning.

She has other secrets, also, and knows her pastor, Mason Chandler, can use them in emotional blackmail.  Chandler has decided to move the whole congregation to another state for unrevealed reasons, and Miranda needs to find a way to disentangle herself and her six children from his control.

A bad fall on a slippery cliff gives this young widow a bit of distance from the plans of Chandler, and brings a new influence into her life.  Her dead husband’s half-brother, Jack Hanford, has been named guardian of the children should anything happen to Miranda, and he moves in temporarily while Miranda recovers.    Through persistence, perceptive observations, and sometimes downright stubbornness, Jack begins to weave himself into the family while slowly discovering some of the hidden elements which have kept Miranda in bondage and turmoil.

The expanding scenario is similar to the structure of the Quiverfull movement which has a number of big name adherents in the homeschooling community.

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