Summer standardized testing: Should the student test for the grade completed?


I want my 8 year old homeschooler to take the IOWA test.  If I test during the summer, should I use the 2nd grade test for the completed grade or the 3rd grade test for the grade she is entering?

 That is a very good question.  For tests that are completed and postmarked by August 15, spring norms will be used.  This means the student would take the test for the grade last spring.

Tests taken after August 15 are done with the fall norms, so the student would take the test for the grade coming up.

Since there are two IOWA test options in the Phoenix area for August, you could either test her as a second grader before August 15 or as a third grader for the August 18 and 22 date.  Of course, if you want to wait until the end of next year, that is another possibility.  If you took the first option, a separate testing time would need to be set up, since most of the 2nd grade work has instructions that are read aloud for each section.  The August 4 and 8 session is for 3rd-12th graders.  The Stanford Test session is July 21 and 25 for 5th – 8th grades, with very little time left for registration.
Is there a place to print off practice tests for the IOWA test?
For many students (and parents), there is great peace of mind in doing a practice test.  Fortunately, there are a number of resources that will provide a “sneak peek” at the types of questions and materials.

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