Homeschool testing: Materials and tips for preparing for standardized tests

Arizona does not require standardized testing for homeschool students, yet many parents choose to have an assessment to see how the learning is progressing or to qualify for the homeschool honor society, Eta Sigma Alpha.  The most common test instruments are the Iowa and Stanford tests.

Practice materials for Iowa and Stanford tests

If your student will be doing a standardized test, you may want to consider getting some practice materials, especially if the following are your situation:

  • The student has never done a timed, multiple choice test
  • It has been several years since you did a test
  • Your child has test-anxiety or problems working with a written test
  • To ease into the testing mode

Covenant Home School Resource Center (CHSRC) has some materials for sale.  One is the official practice test put out by the test publishers-about $3.00.  It is a very small version of the actual assessment with a few examples from each group of questions, but it is not a full practice, timed test.  They are likely to have other instruments on hand as well.

CHSRC:  602 277-3497

For materials that will give a closer approximation of the real test, here are a few websites.

Iowa Test

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