Comparing Calif. public school and Ariz. homeschool credits for college entrance

In reference to the article on homeschool coursework needed for graduation and college entrance, a reader asked this question:

If I went to public school in California and now am homeschooling in Arizona, how do I compare the high school credits to know if I am on track for admission to Arizona State University?

Coursework credit is figured in two different ways in the public schools, and homeschoolers can add in a couple more.

  • Typically, if a high school class lasts for one whole school year, it is counted as one credit.
  • If Carnegie units are used, classroom hours are counted over the school year.  Generally, 120-150 hours of instructional/classroom time on a subject is considered one credit.
  • Since homeschoolers may move at a faster pace than the public school, completion of the textbook and assignments for a year-long class would be counted as one credit.
  • Scoring 80% or higher on a final exam for a subject would reflect sufficient mastery to award a credit.  Students may also take a CLEP, AP, or SAT II Subject Test and receive course credit with a high enough score.

Arizona schools award one credit for each year-long high school course, which may also be designated as one Carnegie unit.  One semester courses are one-half credit.  California schools do the same, but they generally also include ten “local credits” for each Carnegie unit completed.

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