Exclusive scholarships for homeschoolers is focus of homeschool alum

Arizona homeschoolers have a scholarship that was designed just for them.  It is offered by Arizona Families for Home Education, and is specifically for those who have completed high school as home schoolers and plan to attend an Arizona college or university.

Imagine having a website that was devoted to scholarships designed exclusively for homeschoolers!  Imagine applying for college funding with far less competition than the typical corporate scholarships which are open to all students across the country!  Imagine getting some great tips for the scholarship search which can help you avoid some of the pitfalls you might face if you don’t have access to all the information that you might need to be most successful in getting adequate financial aid for schooling.

This is the dream of David Craft, a homeschooler who learned a lot about getting college funding the hard way, and missed out on some opportunities along the way.  He has created HomeschoolScholarships.org as a service to the homeschool community.  His mission is “To inspire businesses and individuals to recognize the unique potential of homeschooled students by creating college scholarships for them, and to provide a place for homeschooled students to find those scholarships.”

Although the website is fairly young, it has a wealth of information and tips for scholarship seekers.  David loves to have homeschoolers send in a blurb about the schooling awards they have received, the schools they will be attending, and how homeschool-friendly each has been .

David took time out of his busy schedule doing community volunteer work to answer some questions about his journey and his vision for the website.

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