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Cultivating creativity for homeschoolers could lead to unexpected blessings

An academic assignment with a challenge to have the project benefit someone else could bring surprising results.  The concept is a perfect fit for homeschoolers, who often are encouraged to aim high and think outside the box, and to purposely give back to the community.

Sebastian Gupta, although not a homeschooler, had parents who were involved in his educational pursuits and held him to a high standard.  In the summer of 2010, before his senior year of high school, Gupta agreed to further his engineering aspirations by purchasing at 2000 SAAB, refurbishing it, and donating the money gained for it by auction to the Houston Area Women’s Center.

The restoration project in itself can be inspirational for Phoenix homeschoolers. Hundreds of hours were invested by Gupta, with the help of some mechanics from his father’s company, to get the vehicle running and back to factory-new condition.  The car has 90,000 miles on it and was not drivable when purchased.

The SAAB Project of Sebastian Gupta may have ended with a nice donation to the Houston Area Women’s Center. The car was expected to earn about $10,000 at auction.  However, word of the endeavor found its way to the inbox of Saab Cars North America (SNCA) President and COO, Timothy Colbeck, who knew this was a project that the SAAB corporation needed to back.

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