StudyDog: Targeting homeschoolers with new learn-to-read website just launched

StudyDog is a comprehensive online learn-to-read program which just today launched a new website.  Although the materials have been successfully used by over 3000 public schools, it has not been available to homeschoolers until now.  Developed with the needs of pre-K to 2nd grade students in mind, StudyDog covers all of the tools and sequential skills needed for developing proficient readers

One Phoenix homeschool mom reviewed some of the pre-K lessons with her 19-month-old granddaughter:

My granddaughter likes books, but she won’t sit still for more than a few minutes so I can read to her.  I introduced her to StudyDog.  She was captivated by the colorful animations and graphics.  We first did the alphabet and letter recognition in which the letters are matched with corresponding blocks or balloons.  After each set, she used her words and sign language to tell me, “More! More!”.  We played the games for at least half an hour, and could have gone on much longer.  Today, we worked on the same lessons, and she could not get enough, even choosing to play again as her reward for going potty.  Great job, StudyDog!

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