Challenges of providing homeschool services with a non-profit resource center

At the turn of the 21st century, homeschool materials and resources were starting to have a significant place in the educational marketplace, but there were very few places, and none in Arizona, for a homeschooler to find information in one place.  Karen Borg and a small handful of others dreamed of a one-stop location that would be a hub for the most important things homeschool families needed: Encouragement and knowledge, access to curriculum, classes to aid parents in subjects they couldn’t handle, student testing, and a place to network with other like-minded folks.  Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenixbecame the fulfillment of that dream in 2001. (Read Part 1and Part 2)

There have been many challenges for Karen and CHSRC in ten years.  Most years, staffing levels have been minimal, so everyone has several roles.  Karen generally spends 10-12 hours a day at the center—teaching, preparing lessons and labs, and overseeing all the operations.

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