Covenant Home School Resource Center: Measuring Karen Borg’s leadership impact

As a principal of a tiny Christian school in Phoenix, Arizona, Karen Borg personally knew the needs of families wanting a quality education for their children.  Many families were homeschoolers and embraced the freedom of home education.  When the school closed in 2001, Karen became the foundress of Covenant Home School Resource Center, a fitting next step in her passion for teaching and nurturing a generation of students who have the drive to succeed.  (Read Part 1)

Parental choice in education is a strong core of Karen’s approach to her work.  She believes the family is the most important institution, and home schooling, or small parent-run schools are an extension of the family.  She wants other families to have the same educational options that she had for her children.

Over the years, Karen has helped create workshops for parents, study aids for the students, and a network of relationships within the larger homeschool and private school community.   The resource center has been a perfect venue for imparting love of learning to the children and tools for parents for helping their children excel.

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