Passion for geography fuels homeschool mom’s award winning classes

Passionate is a word that describes Patty Sepp in a number of areas.  As a homeschool mom and community leader in Phoenix for 24 years, Patty definitely has a passion for education and homeschooling in particular.  She also has a zealous fire for developing teen leadership and for the often-maligned subject of geography.

In 1987, Patty began homeschooling her three (and later four) children.  Quickly getting involved in a homeschool support group, she took on leadership and support roles.  When the National Geography Bee competition debuted in 1989, Patty’s oldest daughter was eligible, and with coaxing from a friend, Patty became coach and proctor for a homeschool team.  This ignited her passion for the subject, a totally new direction from her previous teaching experience in vocational education.  For many years since, she has headed up school-level competitions for the homeschool community, with several of her students going on to the Arizona state Geography Bee contests.

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