The impact of ocean rescue on the personal level for homeschooler Gavin Lewis – Phoenix Homeschooling |

With any calling and passion, there is a great deal of one’s self that must be put into the effort for the long-term.  With the determination and tenacity of a seasoned cause champion, Phoenix homeschooler Gavin Lewis is willing to put forth his time, energy, and resources to persuade others to take care of our planet, especially the oceans.  Beginning at age six, he has found creative ways to work and raise funds for ocean rescue.

Read Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 of Gavin’s interview.  Part 5 continues here.

What has been the greatest sacrifice to be involved in saving the oceans in this way?

It takes a lot of time to make and sell my magnets and keep my website and stuff going. It is fun though and it is worth it to help make a difference.

How do you plan to continue your mission over the next few years?

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