Earn money for college with every dollar you spend on new homeschool curriculum

Bob Jones University Press is a popular homeschool textbook program that gives an added incentive of creating a college fund with every curriculum purchase.  If you homeschool your child for 12 years, you could have a nest egg of $3000 or more that can be applied to tuition at Bob Jones University (BJU) in Greenville, South Carolina.

Here is how it works.

  • Student must be enrolled in AHE (Academy of Home Education) or Bridgeway Academy
    (Both are record keeping options with customer support for homeschooling questions.)
  • For every $2 spent on BJU Press materials and curriculum (Distance Learning products, Testing & Evaluation services, SoundForth products, JourneyForth products, Bob Jones University Press books, and ShowForth DVDs), $1 is set aside in a college fund.
  • Children of purchasers who enroll at BJU may use the credit for on-campus classes.
  • Grandparents or others may purchase materials in the name of the parent, and have these amounts added to the college fund.
  • The student materials alone cost around $300+ for a full set for each grade level, and the complete package with student and teacher books is $700+.  Since all items may not be needed, an average of $500 per student per school year can be used for an estimate. Over the course of 12 years, $6000 will be spent, leaving $3000 in the college fund.  This is a return of 50% on money that would have been spent somewhere for homeschool curriculum

Many families in the Phoenix area use BJU curriculum on their own.  A modest annual fee can enroll the student in the record keeping portions of the company and give access to transcripts and testing provided through Bob Jones.  This fee could be seen as an investment into the future of your child with a guaranteed scholarship fund that you are building bit by bit over the years.

Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix (1114 E. Devonshire Ave, Phoenix, Arizona  85014) carries new and used BJU materials.  It is recommended that parents who wish to explore this curriculum spend some time at CHSRC to look over the texts to see how they fit the needs and learning styles of your family.  If you decide to go this direction, it may help you get a jump start on a nice college fund for your kids.

Earn money for college with every dollar you spend on new homeschool curriculum – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com.

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