Finding money for college: Scholarship search made simple with online tools

Funding for college:  Can you afford to go if you don't have scholarships?

Perhaps you have asked these questions if you are a homeschool parent or student:

  • How can we afford college?
  • What is the best way to get scholarships?
  • When can we carve out the time to find the college money and do the applications?

For some homeschoolers, the high school senior year is already very intense, and adding all the college applications and the scholarship search to the list can create a mountain of work.  It is true, it does take a lot of dedicated effort to land enough financial awards to make schooling affordable, but there are resources to help ease the pain of the process.

College Depot was created a few years ago to do exactly that.  It is a one-stop center for getting information and resources necessary for the college application process, including the financial aid piece.  Located in the Burton Barr Library in downtown Phoenix, the center is filled with computers and programs for helping students

  • discover career paths
  • explore suitable colleges
  • find and apply for great scholarships
  • understand the college admissions process

Printed information, workshops and consultations with knowledgeable staff will give homeschool families a huge boost in being equipped for the trials of getting into college.  The featured session this month is a Scholarship Workshop.

Searching for Scholarships and Hands-on Lab

When:  Wednesday, March 14  2:00-3:30 PM
Where:  College Depot
Burton Barr Centeral Library 2nd Floor
1221 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004
Who:  Any highschoolers
What:  Silvia Valadez and Robert Olmos will share resources and tips that they have found
useful in finding scholarships, followed with a session on the computer using what you have
RSVP: 602-261-8847 or email to
   Seating is limited.  Register now.

See the downloadable flyer.

Finding money for college: Scholarship search made simple with online tools – Phoenix Homeschooling |

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