Homeschool standardized testing rates lowered 35 percent through BJUP

Iowa test scores can give homeschoolers an overview of student's progress and abilities.

For the homeschool families who do Iowa or Stanford testing through Bob Jones University Press, some good news is in store.  Previously, the tests cost $44 each, plus the cost for the exam administration.  Now, the basic price is $29 plus tax for each document and the scoring (administration is separate). This is a huge benefit to families with several children.

Arizona does not require any standardized testing of homeschool children, but many families voluntarily participate to see how well the students are doing.  Group sessions for the Iowa test are offered by Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix and by local support groups. Individual or group sessions may be conducted by an approved BJU test administrator in the Phoenix area, and either the Iowa or the Stanford instruments may be selected.

If you wish to take part with an established group, contact the coordinator for specific instructions.  Tests need to be ordered several weeks in advance, so allow yourself plenty of time to register.  If you are working with an independent administrator, set up arrangements for the time and place at least four to six weeks ahead of the desired test date.

Another piece of good news is that electronic scores can be viewed online within 10 days of the materials being returned to the BJUP office.  Now, parents don’t need to wait for six weeks to find out the scores.  For time-sensitive events, such as application to Eta Sigma Alpha Homeschool Honor Society or custody hearings, exams can be taken on shorter notice without jeopardizing getting the results in a timely manner.

Spring is a common time for test taking and the season when most designated group sessions will occur.  However, homeschoolers can schedule their sessions during any month that suits them unless they are in a program that sets a certain window for the testing.

Homeschool standardized testing rates lowered 35 percent through BJUP – Phoenix Homeschooling |

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