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Starry Night: 2012 homeschool prom registration open for Mesa event

A homeschool prom is an opportunity for students to dress up, meet others, and have good, wholesome fun.

People unfamiliar with homeschooling may think that homeschool students will miss out on some of the best parts of high school, and attending the prom is somehow at the top of the list.  Never mind that many public school students may not ever be asked to this event, or may not have the courage or finances to ask someone to go with them.  For those who think the teens who school at home will be scarred for life by what they miss, be encouraged to learn that homeschoolers create their own proms.

For over a decade, Phoenix area homeschool parents have organized a formal dinner and dance night for the high school students.  This year, the event will be held in East Mesa and is open to homeschoolers and friends from around the valley.  Three mothers are putting the pieces together so the teens can have a wonderful evening, and the cost is remarkably low for this type of occasion.

Attendees are urged to register and send in payment as soon as possible to give the planning committee a good count for the preparations, and to be sure that your spot doesn’t get filled.

2012 Homeschool Prom Starry Night

Location: Windemere Hotel
5750 E. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85205
Date: June 8th, 2012
Arrival from 6:00-6:30 p.m.
Dinner and dessert served from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Dancing from 8:00 p.m.-Midnight
Cost:  $50 per person
(Includes dinner and dessert!)

Reserve your spot now!  Payment due by June 1st

Participants must be age 15+.  Guests do not have to be homeschoolers.

The music will be PG-13 and provided by a DJ.
This will be a chaperoned event.

Parents may stay from 6:00-6:30 p.m. to take pictures.

Formal attire is required.
All participants and guests must sign a code of conduct.

Payment can be mailed to:

Christi Moore
P.O. Box 1825
Higley, AZ 85236

For more information contact:

Christi Moore txjcmoore@yahoo.com
Suzanne Swanson sueswan74@yahoo.com

A formal event such as a prom is a good way for homeschoolers to meet others their age and see that they are not left out of typical teen activities.  It also provides a fun, wholesome environment in which students can attend as individuals, couples or groups of friends.

Starry Night: 2012 homeschool prom registration open for Mesa event – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com.

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