Thinking about homeschooling: A few key questions give basis for startup success

Homeschool moms learn practical tips at a workshop geared for their questions.

Spring in Phoenix is ushered in with the smell of orange blossoms, and people outside enjoying the lovely weather while the rest of the country still fights snowstorms and unpredictable moments of sunshine.  This is also the season for many parents to think about school options for the coming year.

For families whose children have had some challenges in the public school, such as bullying, missed attendance due to health issues or competitive sports, or special needs that don’t seem to be addressed, homeschooling may be one of the avenues to consider.  Due to the lack of administrative tasks, such as are needed for public education, and the very small class size, schooling your children at home allows students to accomplish more in a shorter period of time than the traditional classroom.  The one-on-one attention gives parents direct insight into the needs and hindrances a child may experience in learning a particular subject.

Even though family education has a lot of positive factors, the decision to homeschool can be daunting for some.  There are numerous considerations to take into account, and it can feel overwhelming to navigate the options alone.  Some preliminary information is needed before jumping in to make the transition easier.

  • Learning styles.  Chances are, mom has a different way of learning (and thus teaching) than one or more of the kids.  It is good to know your bent and comfort level, plus that of your children, so that you can pick curriculum that will work best with your styles.
  • Curriculum choices.  An ever-increasing array of materials makes choosing the “right one” difficult.  Each method has an inherent philosophy about education, and is geared to a particular learning style, so it is important to have some understanding of these issues.
  • Family dynamics and time available.  Some curricular approaches require a lot of teacher prep time, while others are easily done by the students without a lot of outside assistance.  Think about the involvement level that will work for you.
  • Budget.  All the materials for one child can cost almost nothing to $1000 or more per year. There are some great ways to save money on curriculum if that is your need.

Once you have worked through these matters, it is much easier to narrow the choices for the schooling plan that will work best for your family.  Fortunately, in the Phoenix area, there is help available in the form of a Getting Started Workshop to provide information and resources from an experienced homeschool alumni mom.

Getting Started Homeschooling Workshop

When:  Friday, April 6, 9:00-11:00 AM
Presented by:  Holly Craw Home Education Services
Location:  North Phoenix
2148 W. Wood Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Cost:  $7.00
Registration by email

Thinking about homeschooling: A few key questions give basis for startup success – Phoenix Homeschooling |

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