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What if I missed the homeschool graduation deadline? Create your own ceremony

We see that we missed the deadline for the AFHE graduate recognition ceremony.  Are there any other homeschool graduations in the Phoenix area in which we could take part?

It is true that the AFHE graduation event has an early deadline and there are no exceptions for late applicants.  This makes it very disappointing for the students who have worked hard to complete high school and find out that they can not be part of the statewide ceremony.

Here are some other ideas.

Sometimes there are graduations put on by support groups and you may be able to take part in one of these.  Try putting a notice in some of the valleywide homeschool newsletters that you would like to know what independent ceremonies might be available to you.  These email publications go out anywhere from weekly to monthly.

If you don’t find anything from these sources, you may consider doing your own ceremony.  If you know others who are graduating and also missed the deadline, you could combine forces and have an intimate celebration with family and friends.  Every year, a number of people miss the AFHE deadline, so you could find them with another notice in the above publications.

Ideas for your personal graduation event:

  • Any location could be used that suits you–a backyard, a park, a church or a meeting hall
  • Parents can present the diploma to their own students and give some words of affirmation
  • Graduates can give a short speech or statement of their goals or something that they value about the homeschooling experience
  • Special music can be chosen as a theme for each student
  • A poster or display can be created by the student to show accomplishments or personal interests
  • A diploma can be created on the computer for each graduate.  The participants in the AFHE ceremony only receive a certificate of participation, and the diplomas are still the parent’s responsibility.
  • Check out these additional ideas
  • Your family can still attend the AFHE graduation ceremony on June 1 even if you are not participating

Readers, please share other great things that you have done to celebrate your students as they complete high school.  It would be a wonderful resource for the homeschool families who may not know what other options they have.

What if I missed the homeschool graduation deadline? Create your own ceremony – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com.

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