Air Force vets win suit for $350K against Phoenix hotel for wage fraud

In an exclusive interview with Examiner that culminated this weekend, Ron Stone of Phoenix described the court case he won that no one believed he could. The Fair Labor Standards case, Stone et al v. Ahir et al, concluded in the spring of 2012 with a judgment of $350,000 against Morar and Ushaben Ahir, and their Arizona companies, Capitol Hospitality and KM Innkeepers. Stone’s case addressed wage violations perpetrated against three plaintiffs* who were employed for several months by Mr. and Mrs. Ahir at sub-poverty level wages.

Background for Stone et al v. Ahir et al

Stone was in the Air Force during the 1970s when his helicopter crashed, killing his eight comrades. He was declared medically disabled by the government, with zero percent service related fault, even though he was on duty at the time of the crash. Suffering from various injuries, he spent several years in and out of hospitals and rehab settings, working hard to get back on his feet. Ending up in the VA hospital in Pensacola, Florida after serious medical issues in 2007, his condition deteriorated. Although he does receive free medical care through the Veterans’ Administration facilities, he gets no disability checks to contribute to his living expenses.

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Air Force vets win suit for $350K against Phoenix hotel for wage fraud 

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