Tempe crackdown on DUI offenses to focus on ASU students

Tempe police have today begun issuing warnings that drunken or DUI driving will not be tolerated in their back-to-school campaign to address common crimes. The area of focus will be on Arizona State University students where partying is the norm for some groups. Arrests will be standard procedure for those apprehended for drinking and driving.

Arizona law prohibits alcohol consumption for anyone under 18 and the zero tolerance rule is enforced. For those 21 or older, a DUI can be issued for a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08%, and the rate drops to .04% for commercial drivers. Depending on a person’s size, weight, medications and food consumption, a BAC level of legal drunkenness could be achieved in only one drink (one beer, one glass of wine-three ounces or one ounce of hard liquor). If you are planning to drive, the best recourse is to not have any alcohol.

Penalties are tough, even for first time offenders, based on an Arizona law that went into effect in 2007. Refusal to take a chemical test, under Arizona’s implied consent law, will subject you to a fine and automatic one-year suspension of your license.

Penalty for first DUI conviction

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Tempe crackdown on DUI offenses to focus on ASU students 

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