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Homeschool families invited to host international students for 2012-2013

Hosting  a foreign exchange student is a great way to share cross-cultural experiences and develop international friendships.

Educatius International is a non-profit organization the matches foreign F1 Visa students with host families in the United States. Currently, 10 families in the Phoenix area, including homeschoolers, are needed to open their homes to Brazilian high schoolers who will be here for the school year. Hosts will receive $500 per month, and the students pay for their own activities.

The students are on a scholarship program through the government called “Win the World”, which has a goal of improving the foreign language learning in the public high schools. A letter from the U.S. Consulate in Recife describes the program:

Brazil, and particularly the Brazilian Northeast, is undergoing a period of rapid economic growth while preparing to host the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Foreign language skills–particularly English–are vital for increased international commerce as well as receiving tourists for these mega events. Traditionally, the public school system has served youth from lower socio-economic classes. These students rarely have access to extracurricular English courses. Win the World was created with this challenge in mind. Win the World began in October 2011, offering special English classes to 18,000 public high school youth in Pernambuco. The best students from the first semester were chosen to participate in an exchange program to spend a semester overseas, including in the US, all expenses paid.

In order to choose the students that would be sent abroad, the secretariat analyzed the students’ academic history, grades, attendance record, class participation, etc., choosing only the best and most dedicated students.

Hosts are needed in the Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Deer Valley areas. Even though it is short notice before school begins again, interested families are asked to respond to this cultural opportunity very quickly so the students can be placed. For more information, please contact Lisa Partridge, a homeschool mom who has hosted students previously through Educatius International and will be hosting again this year.

The local contact for the exchange program is Melanie Smith.

Cell: 602-820-6642
Fax: 480-323-2635

Homeschool families invited to host international students for 2012-2013 – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com.

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