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Welcome to my Home-School-Community Blog!                                           SITE MAP

I am passionate about home education!

I have been a homeschooler or home school resource person for over 22 years and love finding relevant information to pass on to the homeschool community.  This blog gives me a place to store and disseminate information easily, and will be a place to discuss various aspects of home education.  I plan to include many resources and links to other great homeschooling sites.

I am also passionate about protecting American values and families!  For a brief while, I was trying my hand at keeping up with and blogging about legislative matters that affect the family and homeschoolers.  I think I was in over my head, and was not able to do justice to that arena, so I am leaving it to others who do that for a living and do a much better job than I do.

In the meantime, I have gotten involved with an organization that helps sex trafficked girls to turn their lives around, so I will be sharing some of my stories about that world on this blog.  You can see more on my column for Examiner.com as the National Sex Trafficking Examiner.

Another current passion is the idea of community.

We all have a need and yearning to be connected with other people who will value and encourage us, stand with us and give us inspiration to reach for our goals.  I want to explore what I am learning about community and interact with others about what community means to you, and how we can discover/create/improve the community settings in our spheres.

I welcome contribution of other links and information.

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  2. Hi Holly,

    I came across your blog while research ADHD in children. I know parents of children with ADHD probably use your blog as a source for information, so I thought you may be able to help me by sharing an anonymous survey with them.

    I’m with a team that is preparing health communication materials and information about a research study for parents of children with ADHD associated insomnia. We’d like your help in making this information more meaningful to the ADHD community. Below is a link to a survey that has been developed to help with the design of these materials. It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

    This survey is anonymous, and we value your privacy. None of the information provided in this survey will be given to third parties or used for any other purpose than to help with the development of these health communication materials. These materials will be used for participation in a research study. By clicking on the following link you will be connected to the questions: http://tiny.cc/bKZ0K.

    If you think your readers would be interested, feel free to post! We appreciate your feedback!


    • HI AShley,

      I went ahead and posted your note when I received it. I have gotten 439 views of that post–most immediately after putting it up! I hope that some survey respondents came from that group.

  3. Hi Holly,

    My name is Jack, and I am an MIT grad. I am helping to run a website called Brainyprep.com where we offer free admissions and test-prep advice from experts and students at top schools.

    I wanted to give your readers the chance to check it out and utilize it. Please post if you think it would be appropriate.


    • HI Jack.

      What an interesting site. I am always glad to see new resources. I will send you more info on the Online Resource Directory I am building that needs to have information like yours.

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  10. Hi, nice to meet you !

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