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Community Comments–What the readers are saying

Home School Community Comments    

I have been so blessed to work in and among the homeschooling community for several years.  Homeschoolers are truly wonderful people who are quick to let us know about things that have been meaningful to them. It is delightful to see families embrace home education, each in their own way, and to follow them and see their successes.

These are just a few of the comments I have received from the families that I have served over the years, many of them relating to my work at Covenant Home School Resource Center.



Thank you so much Holly.  I would like to print that out (a sample 8th grade certificate of completion) if you don’t mind?  You are such a big help and source of knowledge.  By the way, my son Zach has thoroughly enjoyed being at your school (Covenant Home School Resource Center).  We will be back next year, I am just not sure what classes we may be interested in yet, hence my lack of participation on your on-line survey!!!  

Thanks again, 



Dear Holly,

Just want to thank you for these last several years at Covenant.  You’ve always been so kind and helpful and hardworking!
Truly a blessing to our family.  Thank you!Carolyn, Derek and Rachel Roberts




Hello Ms. Craw,   I spoke with you today (4-3-2007)  about Bob Jones curriculum.  I was really impressed by your willingness to assist me over the phone and the attentiveness you gave me as a potential buyer.   I’m going to type out EVERYTHING  I need for grades K4, 1st,2nd and 4th. Hopefully this will allow you to work out a quote, and give me an idea of what I’ll be spending   . . . .  Thanks very much, G.P.  *************************


Hi Holly,
like always I am totally impressed with your website!  I am so happy you are continuing supporting the home schooling community.   You are amazing!
Janet   8/8/09

Dear Holly,

I was just going to write to you and say THANKS for the link to the Saxon video!  I have meant to add that a few times, but haven’t gotten around to it, and your note finally got me to do something about it!  I’ve put it on my husband’s “to do list”  LOL!  Seriously, though – I hand all my blog posts to him, and he posts them.  I don’t really even know how to edit them…. But Matt will handle it, and thank you for sending that comment.  Little secret:  I only write and email and consult.  The hubby does EVERYTHING else – he’s amazing, and he loves my job almost more than I do1

I was just thinking about how NOT prompt I am.  I was bound and determined to “not work” over the weekend.  Even though I did complete my newsletter, I hardly answered any emails.  I have a list of about 10 questions to answer this morning, and I work up feeling behind.  Sigh!  But thanks for the encouragement! 

I’ll talk to you later.  Have a great day!

The HomeScholar
“Helping parents homeschool high school”
Sign up for my free mini-course, http://tinyurl.com/4m4cp6
“The 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School”

Holly – GREAT articles!! VERY NICE BLOG! I enjoyed reading the article about requirements and the article about combining public school and homeschooling. Thank you so much for your commitment to continue serving our homeschooling community with information and resources!!!   Hugs & blessings! Rose. <)>>>><  6/24/09


Thanks for all your help publicizing the Parenting High Potential conference (with a Resource of the Month in the Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat e-letter)- it was a huge success!

I wonder if I can talk with you regarding an advocate for a family doing a 504 plan with a Phoenix school district for school accommodations. They will be homeschooling next year.

Ann Salmon



This looks gorgeous! Thanks for doing this. I asked Lori (AAGT director) if we could
follow your lead and do the same on the AAGT website.

Ann Salmon
 (Reference to a Resource of the Month for the Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented.  Additional information about the workshop presentations was included on a linked page for fuller details.)



I noticed we’ve gotten some good hits from Arizona since the email (blast) went out.  Thanks so much!

Shawn Cohen, College Plus
Email blast 1/09 about a free webinar on college planning


Thank you, Holly, for bringing all these great opportunities right onto my  
computer screen (regarding the Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat e-letter).
 I appreciate all you do for homeschoolers!

Linda Norden


 Holly, this new email format (for the Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat) looks great and very professional!  Good job.

Jenifer Anseth


Thank you for your wonderful email updates. We have moved out of state and no longer use the info you send out. Please remove us from your mailing database! May the Lord bless you work in our community!


Jennifer Bennett


 Dear Holly,

We all have different gifts, and it seems that often we overlook that when we get discouraged about others not following the “vision” the Lord has given you. Keep up the good work you are doing. I know it is appreciated by all who get your letters!




Holly…..   Thank you so much for your help [in getting records from a Biology class]!!   

As a parent of a high schooler, I am meticulous about record keeping and I did not want my son to have to repeat a lab that I knew he would need for college admissions.  I am just so thankful for you and Jean…..God knew I needed some closure on this and the two of you were able to provide it.  Thank you for your help and your continued service to the homeschool community!   Blessings and thanks…. Lisa Hagan




Hi Holly,
Thanks for inviting me to that meeting. I’m not really able to get into that at this time in my life. I do like to do the sending of emails when there is a legislative need. So do let me know if there are petitions I need to sign or emails to write.
I sure was helped by our time together. In fact I have been able to pass of some of the home school info to others along with the encouragement that you gave me. One of the things that has rung true for me and others is to look at the school the student is heading for and prepare for those requirements. For people taking the tracks that are not 4 year schools, this is very helpful. Thank you! Blessings, Robin


Dear Holly, 

Thanks so much for all you do to support homeschoolers.  You’re awesome!

Annette Economides


Dear Holly,

Thank you for all your efforts over the years since we came to CSHRC.  I know it has been a tough road at many times, but you have handled it with a dignity that I much admire.  May God guide and bless you with this new phase ofbyour life. I shall miss you and miss coming here.


Holly Swauger


God bless you for your past efforts, Holly, and may He continue to bless your efforts in conjunction with your husband.  You will be missed!   Carol P  

Hi Holly! How are you? I hope your holidays were wonderful! I just wanted to say “Thanks” for all you do, and have done for all of us in the home school community! You are a beautiful blessing! I know that you will be a blessing to all of the people whose lives you will touch in your new endeavor (I hope I spelled that right). Anyway, thanks so much for everything! Sincerely, and with lots of love,


Dear Myra,


Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.  I will still look forward to seeing many of you when I come for workshops at each campus.


 Holly Craw


Thank you so much, Holly, for such an inspiring article (Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat, January 2009).  My sons are 4 and 2 years of age.  We decided a few years back that homeschooling was the choice for us.  Over the last few months we’ve been going over our finances and realizing that some of our choices maybe weren’t the wisest.  I have felt very discouraged as I look down the road of the future, one in which I will try to homeschool my kids and work part time from home as a freelance writer.    I love freelance writing, but some of the projects are just plan boring!  It’s not the path that I would have chosen for myself, but as I read your article I was reminded that I need to be grateful that I have a skill that translates so well to working from home.  At least I can still homeschool and be with my kids, even if I am working late at night and early mornings.   Thanks for reminding me that God will provide.  And thank you for rooting for me and others like me.   I wish you the best in whatever the future holds for you.  


Our family has been privileged to share in the Great Commission to which Christ called us greatly in part to Home Schooling !!!  We are most grateful to our Lord for the calling He has challenged us with and for the many blessings which have followed.  We are also so appreciative for the wonderful support of Covenant.  Thank you for your tireless efforts to support the home school community and services offered to us “Old timers” as well as “Babies” in this amazing adventure.  May we collectively continue to change the world for Christ and leave a legacy and heritage to glorify Him.

Monica Tejada and Family

HI Holly,
You helped me out a long time ago with my son Markus. I want to thank you for that. Markus is now a senior in high school. He has a 4.0 GPA. He is fluent in French. Hi wants to be a district attorney. I think the time that I had him home did all the wonders in the world. That is what he needed at the time. He has been back in school now for three years. He goes to Desert Edge High in Goodyear. It is a good school. I thought you might want an update on one of the children you have helped. 

Thank you again, Keatha Risinger

Hi Holly and Karen!   

Just wanted to give you an update on 2 of your former students……..Both Kyle and Lucas graduate, with honors on May 25th, (2005) from Horizon.

Kyle will be a frequent flyer on the 101 frwy as he attends Scottsdale Community College for academics and Mesa CC for his music. He will be working towards his associates degree for  general ed. with plans to transfer to U of A to major in saxophone performance. He will be attending a couple of music camps this summer while seeking a part time job to help pay for some of his expenses. 

Lucas will leave Aug. 9th for a camp in Three Lakes, Wisconsin for what is called the Wheaton Passage and will move into the dorm at Wheaton on Aug. 18. He was accepted into the Conservatory of Music, will major in vocal performance with an elective studies in business. Lucas will continue working this summer at In’N’Out. 

It’s hard to believe we are at this juncture, but the Lord is faithful and has provided and protected for our family the whole way. Many thanks to you and Karen for the “eternal investment” you have made in our children through your faithful presence in their lives.  Hope all is well with your families. 

  love always! 

Terri Karasch


Dear Holly, 

We ended up moving to Texas. I think the work you are doing is great. 

As always, wishing you the best in all the good work,

Ingrid But


Dear Holly,  

 My name is Kelly Kessler.  My husband, daughter and I met you last Saturday at the HENA event.  I wanted to tell you that I so enjoyed meeting you and speaking with you.  Your knowledge and experience have been very helpful to me.  As you know, being a new homeschooler, its all very confusing — so many choices.   The time you spent with me was very much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again in the very near future.  Again, thank you very much for the one on one time that you shared with us, it meant a lot and we truly appreciate your kindness.  

God Bless You,   Kelly Kessler


 Hi Holly –

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how much so many people our here depend on you and respect the fact that you have stayed with home schooling parents as support for such a long time.  You are truly a blessing to all of us.

Thank you so very much!
Susanne Bain  


Hi, Holly.  I saw you for only the second time last week at the Aviary, and enjoyed my brief time chatting with you.  God has blessed you with a wonderful memory, and you were a blessing to me in remembering me from months 
back.  . . .    Just some thoughts.  I truly think the CHSRC is the most wonderful resource for home schooling families.  May God continue to bless what you do there,
Debbie Young  


 Thank you Holly for sharing your precious story with me.  It was inspired by God for sure.  You have a gift.  God bless you until we see each other again.  I love working with you.

  Love, deb  


Holly! Wow, you are SO organized!!! Thank you for thinking of me! I am so tickled to have made such a wonderful friend as you! YOU have enriched MY life many times over. I’m so thankful that you allow me to learn by helping you and that you are such a great pal, too! Your encouragement has meant the world to me!   God bless you, Rose <)>>><   **************************************** Hello.  I would like to know if I can copy and paste the poem, “A Different Kind of Christmas”, and the information following it about sending cards to the soldiers and about Red Fridays to homeschool friends?  Can I also pass on the information about Breaking a World Record with Charlotte’s Web?   Thank you for such great information in your newsletters!  

Donna Packett Homeschool Mom Florence, AZ


Hi, Holly.

. . . 

I have no clue as to the hugeness of responsibilities you have taken on to help out other home schooling families, but I appreciate the time and energy you give with such cheerfulness and joy of the Lord. 

. . . 

Debbie Young  


  Good morning, Holly. 

Well, here we are, Logan is in his senior year and I can hardly believe it!  He has several colleges looking at him for his academics and baseball abilities but first we need transcripts sent to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) Clearinghouse before they can offer him scholarship money for baseball.   . . .   Thank you so much, if you have any questions please let me know.  I deeply miss homeschooling my boys and truly believe it is the best way to train the next generation.  The garbage they have to deal with in the public schools hardens them to a degree that I believe if parents truly understood, there would be much change. 

Blessings to you all.    Vicki Crowther  


Hi Holly, Thank you for all your help yesterday!  I really appreciate it.   After seeing the samples you showed me and the suggestions you gave me, I felt so much more confident making Julianne’s transcript.   It looks a lot better and more simplified.  Instead of listing the classes in the year they were completed, I listed them per grade level they were completed.  I added the grading scales and her GPA.  It looks a lot cleaner/simpler.  I am pleased!

 . . . 

Thanks again!


You are a Godsend!

You really are!   Thank you so much! You had me going there…but I do agree with you..how many ways can an envelope be folded? I dunno…it might save my life one day.. ^_^   You have been so great these past months and if there is any possible way I can do anything to help you, I’ll be happy to!   I can finally stop getting an ulcer over all this and sleep well for once! Oh, by the way, do I show all of your hard work to MCC enrollment, or will my mom know what to do with it? Sorry I sound so clueless over all this, I’m just so nervous to start college!   Of course, thanks again!   Oh, and have a very merry Christmas! You definitely won’t be getting coal in your stocking! ~_^ Yay! I am sooo happy right now! You’ve given me the best present of all…peace of mind! Thank you, Holly!   I owe you big!   Sincerely,   Samantha  


 Hi Holly,
Thank you so much for responding to my email and all you do to make home
schooling a success in our community.  Your ministry is truly a blessing to
many families.

Have a wonderful week!
Malinda Harrell ****************************************




Hi Holly,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to introduce Mary and I to home schooling.  It has been something we have talked about a lot, but didn’t know the real issues that you made so very clear.

We have since gone home and talked to our son about home schooling and while he has the usual fears and doubts, you gave us more than enough information to be able to present the idea well.  We will be working on this for the coming weeks to make a decision.  I think Mary and I both hope we make it happen, as our son who actually does well in school could be thriving in a different environment. 

In regards to Live America.com, this is a site that we’ve been working on for over two years which will be softly launched over the coming three weeks.

…For you personally, I think this is a site where you could reach more people, more efficiently. I believe you are one of those people who really needs to be heard!  I know you impressed us immensely, and THANK YOU!

I can be reached anytime.

Best Regards,


(Getting Started on Homeschooling workshop 6/25/09)


Good Resources.
(Workshop:  THE SHOESTRING BROKE!  Continuing to Homeschool in the Midst of Family Financial Crisis presented at the 2009 HENA conferernce)

Joanne Townsend



All questions were answered in a positive manner. (Homeschooling 101 workshop presented at the HENA conference March 2009)  

David and Julie Niecikowski


Excellent intro to homeschooling because it addressed most concerns.  (Homeschooling 101 workshop presented at the HENA conference March 2009)  
Bob Cassidy


Thank you so very much, Holly!  I got more out of the hour learning from you (Workshop:  THE SHOESTRING BROKE!  Continuing to Homeschool in the Midst of Family Financial Crisis presented at the 2009 HENA conferernce)  than from the rest of the day.  VERY practical, useful info.  Great practical tips & resources (tons!)

I so appreciate your generosity in preparing all of those spreadsheets and sharing all of those resources!

(Workshop was) very personable and well-presented.


Thank  you Holly for the workshop( Developing Good Study Skills). It was a blessing for us.  I appreciate your time and effort in all of this.
God bless you.



  It was nice to meet you yesterday. Thank you for all of the helpful information (on College Prep), including your own homeschooling experience.   Also, if you’d like to send me your Excel worksheet, I could update it to convert a letter grade to a numerical score.   Have a great day!   Ron

† Ron Blackstock



Holly, Thank you so much for this information. I really enjoyed both of your workshops and look forward to putting your information into practice. 🙂


(Workshops on Learning Styles and the Uniqueness of Unit Studies.)


Hi Holly! It’s Myra Adams.

I’m sorry I missed the Brain Training class today. I really would have liked to come, but I absolutely could not take the time off from our schooling today.

It’s too bad some of these wonderful classes aren’t offered in the evenings. That way it’s not taking away from schooling time.

But, I do want to say “Thank you” for putting all the classes together. . . .I really, really appreciate all the wonderful opportunities you bring our way!

With a grateful heart, Myra Adams






November 30, 2007

Dear Holly,

Thank you so very much for your help and encouragement planning and carrying out our first Latin Classical Education conference this year.

I really appreciated knowing you wanted things to go well and you were willing to do what it took to make it happen in a way that would b fun and rewarding for the parents and their students.

Your willingness to be the Master of Ceremonies for the day was a huge confidence builder for me and I began to believe the event might actually happen!  Thank you for riding to the airport with me to pick up Magistra Drown and sitting and talking at Mimi’s Cafe.

Thank you for being willing to pray for the event and being willing to be there the whole day to make sure things went as planned.


Diane Mobley.  



Subject: Re: Article with excerpts from your speech with AFHE

Holly, of course I remember you! I’ve been interested in the Covenant Home some time, and I have a particular interest in anybody who is pioneering in this way. I’ve heard a lot of very positive things about you and CHSRC from the AFHE Board. I’m aware that there is some tension, but it seems like a “creative tension” from where I sit.

This article looks great. Do you mind if I copy it to the attorneys here?

Scott W. Somerville, Esq.
Home School Legal Defense Association

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