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Covenant Homeschool Resource Center: Setting the standard, providing resources

Love with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

ImageLove with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

You are loved with an everlasting love
–greater than the volume of the entire universe
–immense, vast, all-encompassing
–and yet, so personal

That love is not an intangible,
but the very person of God Almighty,
The God who is the very embodiment of Love itself;
The God who created everything out of His very essence, by His spoken Word.

This Love is beyond time, with no beginning and no end.
Thus, nothing and no one can ever be out of reach of that Love;
Nothing can ever diminish it or destroy it,
And God experiences all of you in the pulsating Now.

We were made in His image—His image of Love–
–shattered at the fall—leaving mankind with a broken being
that has to learn to love from those who know the true Love,
and depend on His power to redeem and heal.

Our tiny brains can’t comprehend the way of Love
that has no bounds—we distort love into rules, wanting the best for self
and seeking ways to trample others down.
We deaden our hearts and shut out God.

God gives His definition of the practical rules of Love—
How our lives demonstrate the reality of His character
by the way we honor Him
and how we treat our neighbors.

The mark of the fall goes deep, and the rules prove that we cannot overcome
without a miracle that changes the heart.
Jesus, the seed of Love, lives as a man,  ever challenging
the man-made rules and pushing beyond to the reality of Love.

“What is the greatest commandment?” He is asked.
“Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and
love your neighbor as yourself”, is the reply.

The mind reels with the enormity of this task,
and begins to make more rules to prove the depth of love.
Masks and charades draw the focus to the external life,
but the heart is still cold and far from God.

In words of parable and paradox, Jesus gives the answer.
“Even as the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.
Abide in my love, and the world will know
That you are my disciples, beloved ones.”

How much has the Father loved His Son?
Can we begin to count the eternity of love dances
between them, of which we hear only whispers?
Dare we imagine the glory of Love reunited in fullness?

Could it be that God poured out all of His love, His entire being, into Jesus?
That He loved His Son fully, completely, extravagantly
With the totality of His whole being, infusing Himself
Into the perfection of Christ’s heart, soul, mind and strength?

Jesus, born of God and One with God, is also Love.
Never acting apart from what He sees and hears from the Father,
His life is a panorama of love in action.
This is His troth to us as His chosen ones.

Consider the outrageous prodigality of Love so wild and free.
The very love that created the universe is poured into us, joined with us, living in us.
We look into His face and mirror back to Him His abundant Love
that streams from our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Being so effulgently loved, the overflow extends naturally to others.
Does the theme of heart, mind, soul and strength include them?
What is it like to love others and give honor to them as I want to be honored
for my thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, heartaches and physical personhood?

Perhaps honor is the key to Love—granting dignity and care without disdain or contempt;
allowing the grace and forgiveness that I don’t deserve, but given freely,
to be the means to touch another’s heart  so we might journey together
back to restoration of glory in Christ.

I can only carry out the greatest commands to the extent I have been immersed
in the Love of God that cost Him everything and submit to the freedom of doing the same.
Only then do I learn to be whole and live in honor, love and respect for my neighbor,
my spouse, my children and myself.

The circle is complete.  God pours His love out in me so that I can respond to His love.  This heals my heart so I can love others.  As I share the gift of love, the capacity of my heart grows, unlocking greater access to the fullness of God, which spirals out to those around me.  Through honor and care for others, God is honored and I increasingly experience the reality of loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Holly Craw
December 2013

Parents: Use a Contract of Love to keep your children safe from victimization

ImageBased on the estimate that 300,000 American minors are being commercially sexually exploited, and that each child services at least 10 customers each day, three million incidences of paid child rape are happening every 24 hours. This staggering amount of child abuse is rarely reported, and consequently, far less than one percent of all perpetrators are ever convicted. The victims are caught in a complicated web of deception, coercion, physical abuse and empty promises of love from the pimps and are usually terrified to divulge the abuse and the abusers’ identities.

Often the child sex trafficking targets are from dysfunctional and abusive families and already have low self-esteem, making them easy quarry for the predators. Sometimes, family members themselves are the sellers of the juveniles, creating greater barriers to disclosure. Many times, when a young person finds the courage to tell an adult about the sexual abuse, she is not believed or no action is taken. This compounds the depth of the desecration, bringing greater shame upon the violated one.

Kathleen Tell recounts believing the lies and excuses of her daughter’s molester and not taking a strong enough stand on behalf of her child. From that devastating experience, she and her daughter compiled a Contract of Love for parents to use as a preventive or early warning measure of potential abuse.

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City smut profiles: Surprising results for most active porn viewing locales – National sex trafficking | Examiner.com

In a study released last month, Orlando tops the list for the greatest consumption of pornographic materials. Research was based on several criteria:

The number of DVDs purchased, rented or streamed

Adult entertainment stores per city

Rate of porn searches

Percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households

The top 100 cities in the United States were tallied with some interesting results in the rankings. The largest cities didn’t make it to the top 10, which means there is more per capita action in the less populated areas.

Top 10 cities for porn access:

1. Orlando, FL

2. Las Vegas, NV

3. Wilmington, DE

4. Raleigh, NC

5. Charlotte, NC

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Atlanta, GA

8. Tampa, FL

9. Anchorage, AK

10. Austin, TX

California is home to the production of 90 percent of the pornography films in the country, but no cities from that state ranked higher than 19 (Sacramento). Of the 10 most populous cities, six landed in the top 50 for porn consumption (Houston, 13; Dallas, 15; San Diego, 17; Chicago, 33; Philadelphia, 34; Phoenix, 50).

Perhaps it is not coincidence that some of the most often cited sex trafficking hubs include some of these top 10 cities. Atlanta, Las Vegas and Orlando are considered prime source and destination areas for trafficking victims, many of whom are under 18.

via City smut profiles: Surprising results for most active porn viewing locales – National sex trafficking | Examiner.com.

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Bargain-prices-on-homeschool-science-supplies-and-standardized-testing/ http://ping.fm/q70Vd

Bargain prices on homeschool science supplies and standardized testing

Be sure to get your science supplies from Covenant Home School Resource Center.

Be sure to get your science supplies from Covenant Home School Resource Center.

February is here, and for many homeschool families, the spring semester is a great time to really dig into those science classes and experiments.  I remember how much work it was to set up experiments, figure out all the supplies needed, and actually go out and purchase each little item.  (Or, if going to several stores to find them was too much of a bother, I would scrounge around my home to see if I could come up with equivalent items.  Either way, it took a lot of time and effort and could become quite expensive.)

Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix has shelves full of science supplies at bargain prices, and they want to take the hassle out of science so you can enjoy it more with your kids.  Karen Borg, science teacher extraordinaire, has put numerous kits together for several different areas of exploration and experimentation.  You will find the prices are great to begin with, and this week’s sale is something that you can not miss!

February Sale reminder

Dear CHSRC Friends,  Need science supplies?

From Tuesday February 2nd through Thursday February 4th, come on down to our store to save 20% off of all science supplies.

We have many, many supplies such as magnifying lenses, geology items, seashells, feathers, goggles, glass stir rods, flasks, fun new science books, kits and more!

Have your kids enjoy science with kits such as electricity, “Power Putty Slimes” (polymers), shark teeth and fossils, “pH Power” (acids and bases) and geology (rocks).

When:   Tuesday, February 2-Thursday, February 4, 9:00 AM -4:00 PM
Where:   Covenant Home School Resource Center
                1117 E. Devonshire Ave, Phoenix, AZ  85014
For more details:  email or call

March IOWA Testing Schedule reminder:

Tuesday March 16th and Wednesday March 17th at 1117 East Devonshire Avenue, Phoenix

The complete IOWA test for Grades 3 -12 will take place from 9 am until 1 pm

The partial IOWA test for grades K – 2nd will take place from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm

(The complete test includes: Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage and Expression,
Math Concepts and estimation, Math problem solving and data interpretation, Math Computation, Social Studies, Science, and Maps and Diagrams.)
(The partial test includes: Vocabulary, Word analysis, Listening, Language, and Math.)

Cost is $39.75 which includes a mailed practice test.

You may download the registration form from our website (www.chsrc.org) .

Space is limited. Registration deadline is February 19th.

Please mail your registration form and check to:

Covenant Home School Resource Center
1117 E Devonshire
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Option: On Tuesdays, you may register by phone. (602-277-3497) Please call between 9 am and 3:30 pm
with your credit card information and for instructions on faxing your form to us.


Prose and/or Poetry and Art submissions are due by February 12th.

Check out our website for full details www.chsrc.org

We look forward to serving your home schooling needs.

Covenant Home School Resource Center     

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