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Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat E-letter

Dear Home Schooling Friends and Potential Home Educators,         
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The Arizona HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat is a publication that I began in 1998 as a means of connecting the home school community with important information. For the past 8 + years, it has been a vehicle of communication connected with Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix,  Arizona where I was the administrator.  I have stepped down from my position there, and will be putting all the HeartBeat information on this blog to help keep people updated.  Their website has been totally revamped to focus only on their services.  Much of the rest of the homeschool content will find its way here (bit by bit).

Instead of having a monthly post with all the information I accumulate, I will be updating the site as I receive newsworthy items. The links below will take you to the pages for each section, and blog entries will alert you to new posts with a link to the page.  Also, my Twitter posts will have the headlines for each post I make.

I will continue to send out an email notification near the beginning of each month with a few highlights of relevant information.  You may receive an occasional email post about a homeschool related service  or event that is time sensitive, but other than that, you won’t be getting much be direct email from me.

To get on that email list, please do one of the following:

  1. Sign up or update your information on my Yahoo list, hsheartbeat@yahoo.com
    1. Go to the link just mentioned and create an account.  It is totally free, and you will only get the occasional posts that I have discussed–the monthly email notification of HeartBeat announcements and an occasional post about a home school event or service.
    2. Or send a blank email to  hsheartbeat-subscribe@yahoo.com
  2. Send me an email and I will put you in my address book.  You will get the same information as in #1 above.

 If you want to be sure to get ALL the information as it is posted, you have these options:

1.  If you want to automatically receive an email with a daily digest of posts (headlines and a brief excerpt),  use the Subscribe to Home-School-Community Blog by Email link here or in the upper right corner.  You will only receive a notice on the days new posts are made, and it will be a summary of all the posts for that day.  You can choose any posts you wish to view and click directly on them.

2.  If you would like to see the summaries of the posts at your leisure, without getting any email, use the Subscribe in a reader link here or in the upper left corner.  You will need to sign up with a feed reader service ( I used Google), and will need to go to that account to read the headlines and summaries.  Again, you may click on any article of interest to see the whole post directly.

3.  If you want to come back to this site on a regular basis to read the new material, bookmark this site, and set up a reminder on your desktop or in your email to check back (daily, weekly etc.)  You won’t get any extra email from this blog, and you won’t have to sign up with any other website.  You can use the Entries RSS to get a quick overview of the most recent entries, and can view any that are of interest.  Also, at the right side of the entries page, you will see a list of the categories that have been used and the number of posts to each one.  Clicking on one of the numbers will show only the posts under that topic for ease of finding what you want.

4.  If you would like to get just the headlines on a regular basis, and you have or want a Twitter account, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking this link.  If you do have your own account, click Follow under my picture.  If you don’t have your own account, click Join Now at the top right, and you will see all of my posts on your Twitter account.
You are able to go in as you wish to see the new updates.

5.  If you want to see the Twitter headlines, but not sign up yourself, go to Twitter (this link opens to my page), and you can see all of my posts.  For easier viewing, you can click the RSS Feed link on the right column and you will see all the posts.

Please note:  Twitter will be used to post the headlines of items that I write on this blog, with links to the articles for your convenience.

 I would love to have you send me relevant information for the homeschool community that can be posted here.

HeartBeat Topics

Arizona  HOMESCHOOL HeartBeat e-letter  June 2009

The headings in italics have been updated in the past month, and you can see a brief excerpt of the news


  • Your feedback and content and resource suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks and blessings,

Holly Craw

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