Honors and Awards


We are pleased to announce that Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society now has two Arizona chapters from which to choose. The Omicron Beta Chapter serves roughly the north & west Phoenix areas and northern Arizona. The Theta Kappa Chapter serves roughly the south & east Phoenix areas and southern Arizona. The honor society is open to homeschooled students in grades 7-12 with a composite score of 90%+ on nationally-normed, standardized test (IOWA or Stanford); or 180+ PSAT; or 1800+ SAT; or 26+ ACT. Our meetings, which are generally held one Saturday morning per month, include activities, enrichment and service projects. It¹s also a great opportunity to make friends and learn formal meeting procedures.

WHEN: Monthly meetings

LOCATION I:  Southwestern College (Omicron Beta Chapter) ;

LOCATION II: Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Theta Kappa Chapter)

DEADLINE: Applications are due by September 30, 2008 for the fall semester

CONTACTS: Pam Messer, esaomicronbeta@yahoo.com and Beth Lowery, esathetakappa@yahoo.com

WEB SITE: http://esa.homeeducationpartnership.com/

**Note:  Covenant Home School Resource Center offers IOWA and PSAT testing for homeschoolers and will notify all testers who qualify for Eta Sigma Alpha.



NSHSS is a national honor society started by Claes Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize family which has a goal of honoring all top high school juniors and seniors.

Students in 11th and 12th grades with a cumulative 3.5 GPA throughout high school may be nominated by an approved agency which has verified the student’s transcript and GPA.  The agency may be the public or private school where the student attends, or for homeschoolers, another honor society such as Eta Sigma Alpha if the student is a member of that group.  Additionally, Holly Craw of Covenant Home School Resource Center is a qualified nominator.

Students must present a transcript to the agency for verification, and their names will be submitted to NSHSS.  A formal invitation to join will be sent in the mail, and the students may join online.

There are no formal requirements of this group, other than paying a one-time $45 fee.  However, there are many opportunities to get added value from your membership.  The National Society of High School Scholars offers a number of academic scholarships and academic competitions annually to members only.

Nomination deadline for the spring is March 31, 2009.

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