Test Proctoring Service

Standardized Testing is required for homeschoolers in many states.  Arizona does not currently have any required testing, but many families still want to have an objective measure of their students’ progress and achievement for a number of reasons:

  • As a benchmark to see where the kids are at the beginning of home education
  • As a proof of progress for those who are skeptical (parents, in-laws, ex-family members, nosy neighbors etc.)
  • As a framework for developing the lesson plans for the following year
  • As a reminder of the good work that has been accomplished and the positive reasons for homeschooling
  • As a documentation of schooling that may be required by courts for various purposes
  • For entrance back into the public schools
  • For college entrance and scholarships (tests are often requirements for this purpose)

For those who are interested in having their children tested, there are a number of ways this can be accomplished.

  • Local support groups or organizations may set up group testing sessions.  Covenant Home School Resource Center annually provides IOWA and PSAT testing in Phoenix.
  • Parents may test their own children through Bob Jones University Press if they meet the requirements.
  • Parents may hire a test proctor to administer the test to their own children or a group of children.

I am certified by Bob Jones University Press as a qualified Test Proctor for IOWA and Stanford testing done through them, and can also administer tests through other organizations.  Here are some scenarios in which I can offer my services as a Test Proctor:

  • Families enrolled in the BJU distance learning program are required to take the IOWA or Stanford Test through their program annually
  • Students may be starting to homeschool mid-year or may be involved in court issues, and need an assessment as a base measure of where they are
  • A group of families may want to test together, either at a different time than offered by local testing groups, or using a different test
  • A student may need an evaluation of skills for pursuing certain educational venues

I am able to proctor tests in all these situations and others that may come up, either for an individual or a group.


Tests offered:  IOWA and Stanford  (proctoring is available for other tests which get sent to you as part of an academic program)
Grade levels:  K-12
Length of testing:  (Typical time frame of test not including breaks)
      K-2nd:  3-3.5 hours–one day
      3rd-8th:  5-6 hours–two days
     9th-12th: 4-5 hours–1 or 2 days
Testing Location:  My home or convenient nearby location, or your home
What you get for the testing fee:
      I order the test through BJUP, administer it and send it to the company for scoring.
      The results are sent directly to your home in 4-6 weeks.
Testing Fees:  $100 per student–covers the cost of the test and scoring, shipping, administrative fee
          A group discount can be applied for 2 or more students in the same session as follows:

  • 2 students:  $175 total cost//$87.50 each
  • 3 students:  $250 total cost//$83.33 each
  • 4 students:  $325 total cost//$81.25 each
  • 5-9 students:  $75 each
  • 10-14 students: $70 each
  • 15 +:  ask for price breakdown

     For group testing, multi-levels can be accommodated in the same testing session as follows:
             IOWA TEST:  Grades 3-8 and Grades 9-12
             Stanford Test: Grades 9-12

     All other age groups must be tested individually at separate times or additional proctors will be needed.

    For testing at your location, you will need to procure a facility and set up and take down the chairs and tables.

Please contact Holly Craw if you have any questions.

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