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Transcript Preparation Services

High School transcripts are extremely important for homeschoolers who are planning to attend college at any time in the future.  They provide a somewhat standardized picture of what classes the student has taken and what competency level was achieved for each course.  Here are some great reasons for compiling a transcript during the high school years:

  • Colleges usually require one
  • Documentation of courses taken, grades and credits achieved
  • Sign of homeschool professionalism
  • “Speaking the language” of admissions counselors
  • Quick profile of the student

It is not difficult to prepare a transcript if you have maintained records along the way.  I offer Transcript Preparation Workshops throughout the year in the Phoenix area to assist families in understanding the components that are necessary and helpful for creating the document.  It is perfectly legal for parents to create their own transcript and diploma, or to have an outside service create them for you.

I have prepared dozens of transcript documents in various formats over the years, and am available to assist you.  You don’t even need to live nearby, as we can exchange information by email.

Transcript Preparation Services:

Cost:  $30 per hour, minimum 1 hour.  Billed in 15 minute increments after the first hour.
Typical Time Frame:  1-2 hours if your records have been maintained and are all submitted
Location of Services: You send me the information by mail or email and I will compile them at my home
What you get for the fee:

  • A proof copy of the document emailed to you for checking
  • An official copy for the instituition which includes a gold seal
  • A copy for your records
  • Your template stored on my computer for easy updates and additional copies
  • Additional institutional copies with gold seal are $5 each
  • If the transcript needs to be mailed to the institution in a sealed envelope, I can do that for no charge.

Please contact Holly Craw for further questions.

Other Resources for Transcript Preparation:

  • Lee Binz, TheHomeScholar, offers a DVD that walks you through the transcripting process and many other helpful resources

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