Tips for a positive discussion with someone who has different views


The names they call us are designed to put us on the defensive and get us off topic.  As conservatives we need to ignore the verbal bait and take them to task.  Part of Alinsky’s rules for radicals calls for isolation, polarization of a person.  Do not fall for it.

Instead, remain calm and ask them the “W” questions:

What makes you think that?
What makes you say that?
Where did that idea come from?
where would you get such an idea?
When did you start thinking that way?
When do you begin to feel that way?
Who put those toughts in your head?
Who would say that?
Why would you think that?
Why would that make me a _____________?
How long have you thought this way?

After asking the question, do not speak…………….the one who speaks first loses the argument.

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