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Home education is a big job with lots of different hats to wear.  It can be time consuming and overwhelming to research all the avenues and put all the pieces together. 

I want you to have your questions answered, gain the confidence you need to do your job well as Educational Director, and obtain access to the best resources for your family. 


As a veteran homeschool mom and resource provider for over two decades, I have created workshops that address the most common concerns and provide skill development with hands-on application of key concepts.  My goal is to give you the tools to be successful in providing a quality education for your children, and to be your cheerleader and resource person along the way.  Contact me today to discuss ways we can fill the information gap!  


Workshops can be set up for homeschool groups in various parts of the Phoenix metro area, or individual sessions can be customized for your family’s needs.  Please let me know how we can partner together to encourage and strengthen you in the great job you are already doing by homeschooling your children .If you don’t see the topic that interests you, ask me about it. 


New addition! Workshops can also be set up for remote locations via online webinar or downloadable materials and audio files.   



Workshop Title


Getting Started with Homeschooling  

AZ law, paperwork, getting materials, key steps and tips   

The Curriculum Conundrum  

Understanding the different curriculum methods and approaches, seeing how learning and teaching styles fit with materials, finding the best fit for your family 

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences  

How do your children learn best? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each style?  Valuing each person’s uniqueness. Cross-training the brain for maximum apprehension of concepts. 

Homeschooling Through High School  

Coursework, activities, preparation for adulthood. Skills that are needed for higher education, job, and family life. How to get a diploma and graduate from high school. 

Preparing for College  

What do colleges look for from applicants?  How does the timing of the admission process work?

Key steps in getting accepted at the right place. 

Creating a Transcript  

Does a homeschool transcript count for anything?  What needs to be included?  When to create it?  How important is the document? 

Developing Good Study Skills  

How does learning happen?  What tools are needed? Creating an environment for learning.  Using planners, note taking skills and organization. 

Goal Setting and Record Keeping 

What is a goal?  Developing and implementing and assessing goals.  What records to keep and how long?  Keeping things organized. 

Setting up Lesson Plans  

Now that I have curriculum, what do I do with it?  Breaking the material into manageable pieces.   Enriching the lesson with tie-ins to field trips or hands-on activities.  

The Uniqueness of Unit Studies 

What is a unit study?  Why is it helpful?  Various Pre-packaged programs and what they cover.  Developing your own unit study. 

Homeschooling on a small budget 

Creative ways to a provide quality education while watching your pennies.  Ideas for work-at-home moms.  Discovering the best places for good inexpensive resources. 

The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling During Tough Economic or Political Times 

How does the future of home education look as the economy gets tighter?  What happens if the federal government starts regulating all education more, including homeschooling?  Strategies for overcoming possible obstacles. 

The ABC’s of Testing 

What tests are required?  What is the difference between them?  What do they measure?  When do they need to be taken?  How to prepare? 

Developing a Homeschool Co-op 

What is a co-op?  How does it work?  Why are co-ops so popular?  Creating a team. Uniting with a purpose and goals. Tips and suggestions from experience in several types of co-op groups. 

How to Socialize a Homeschooler 

What is socialization?  Extra-curricular activities.  Making connections with others.  Inviting interesting people into your circle and lifestyle.  Maximizing your social opportunities without burnout. 

Lesson Planning Retreat 

A 24 hour get-away with your materials and a friend (if desired) to focus on some extended lesson planning.  Workshop input will be customized to your needs, and the bulk of the time is for you to dream, plan and compile the pieces so you can focus on the teaching when you get home. 

Personal Mentoring  

Individual appointment(s) to hear your heart, talk through your needs and goals and concerns, give coaching in setting up your plan that will work best with your family.  Additional options may include customized resources, or access to pertinent workshops, ebooks or webinars. 



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