Octomom film deal: $100K self-pleasuring footage is ‘not porn’

Nadya Suleman, Octomom, and family in 2010 launching a celebrity vegan shake. The mom of 14 has signed a porn film deal.

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom of California, has signed a porn film contract for $100,000 with Steve Hirsch’s Vivid Entertainment on May 1. The video will be shot this summer and will only show Nadya doing self-pleasuring acts. Because no other actors will be involved, Miss Suleman claims that this is not porn, which she has vowed never to do.

In 2009, Octomom was offered $1 million to do a porn film by Hirsch, but declined because she didn’t want her 14 kids to find out. In March 2012, however, with mounting debts and imminent foreclosure on her house, she did a series of nude shots for a British magazine for $8,000 rent money, still maintaining that she would not sign up for a porn flick.

The contract with Vivid Entertainment coincides with Suleman filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy yesterday with $500,000 to $1 million in debt. Recently, she has worked with Dial A Star, in which she got $14 a minute for talking to callers on the phone. She also receives $2000 a month in welfare from the state of California.

Apparently money troubles can make a woman change the way she defines life experiences. According to Wikipedia, “Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter.” True, shots of one person in pleasuring acts would be considered soft porn, but the ultimate purpose of the adult film is still the same, even if no one else is involved.

A one-time contract is not likely to end Suleman’s financial troubles with her debt so high and the numerous expenses of raising so many children. The easy money in nude pictures paved the way for her convictions to broaden a bit more to do a soft porn film, which is likely to open up other opportunities in the adult sex industry. The slippery slide into hardcore films may get a little steeper with each financial carrot that is placed before her.

Nadya Suleman was investigated by Child Protective Services last week after her hairdresser took pictures of her squalid home and showed them to the police. She was cleared of any wrongdoing, but a year ago, she feared that the children could be taken by the agency after she appeared in a dominatrix fetish video. Perhaps she is naïve about the seamy side of the porn industry, and doesn’t realize where it can lead and the physical and emotional pain it can bring to the participants.

What do you think? Is doing porn films a good way for a single mom to make a living?

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