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Child sex abuse may lead to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sex trafficking

Rage and continual cursing in a child can be indicators of extreme abuse Credits:   Stock Xchange/GeoX

The vile, excoriating epithets fly from Brandi’s* mouth like daggers–well-aimed with intent to maim and mutilate. At times, she seems to delight in her expertise in causing verbal destruction. However, a careful observer can see beneath the surface to a scared little girl who desperately wants to be loved properly and consistently. Each scathing expletive that she hurls is akin to a jagged, shard-like iceberg tip that is a decoy for the mountain of submerged pain lying underneath the surface. The sheer volume of curses that emanate from her mouth gives credence to the immensity of the abuse she has experienced, both at the hands of those in the family circle and the strangers who bought and sold her for sex.

Barely 16, Brandi has probably had more sexual encounters than a happily married couple of two to three decades. Her history of abuse and sexual violation began when she was just a little girl and continued for numerous years. She has been a runaway from the violence at home countless times, only to be caught up in forced prostitution when she was on the streets. Within the custody of child protective agencies, she has been placed in group homes and foster care, but has run or been removed from all of them.

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Child sex abuse may lead to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sex trafficking 


Girls in recovery: Sex trafficking survivors moving from darkness to life

Abused, abandoned, or neglected, the young girls who are admitted to the StreetLightUSA center for sex trafficked minors are seeking affirmation and genuine love. These girls have been sexually exploited, either as payment for shelter and food, or as a commodity that is sold time after time for the financial gain of the pimp.

Girls are kept in a lifestyle of forced selling of their bodies through threats, intimidation, brute force and deception with promises of love and protection from those who may harm them. Hopelessness, despair, suicide attempts and self-destructive behaviors cover the feelings of shame, worthlessness, rage and fear that accompany such hostage situations. It takes determination and courage, and a tremendous amount of community support, for the these girls to work through the healing process and change their destinies.

Video: I will learn to love again by Kaci Brown

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Moving from death to life, emptiness to fullness Photo credit: Holly Craw with Ravyn Crescent; Artwork done by the girls.