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Child sex abuse may lead to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sex trafficking

Rage and continual cursing in a child can be indicators of extreme abuse Credits:   Stock Xchange/GeoX

The vile, excoriating epithets fly from Brandi’s* mouth like daggers–well-aimed with intent to maim and mutilate. At times, she seems to delight in her expertise in causing verbal destruction. However, a careful observer can see beneath the surface to a scared little girl who desperately wants to be loved properly and consistently. Each scathing expletive that she hurls is akin to a jagged, shard-like iceberg tip that is a decoy for the mountain of submerged pain lying underneath the surface. The sheer volume of curses that emanate from her mouth gives credence to the immensity of the abuse she has experienced, both at the hands of those in the family circle and the strangers who bought and sold her for sex.

Barely 16, Brandi has probably had more sexual encounters than a happily married couple of two to three decades. Her history of abuse and sexual violation began when she was just a little girl and continued for numerous years. She has been a runaway from the violence at home countless times, only to be caught up in forced prostitution when she was on the streets. Within the custody of child protective agencies, she has been placed in group homes and foster care, but has run or been removed from all of them.

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Child sex abuse may lead to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sex trafficking 


Public outcry causes Groupon to back down from adult deals across the county – National sex trafficking | Examiner.com

The boycott against Groupon, was declared “successful” today by Morality in Media (MIM) which organized the nationwide shunning. Over 20,000 people pulled their memberships from the daily deals giant after hearing about a coupon for a tour of Kink porn studio in California. Potential buyers were informed that they could possibly see a live filming, and the Kink website detailed some of their fare which includes “young, sexy teens” who are “bound, whipped, objectified, and humiliated”, sado-masochistic acts, bondage and domination scenarios.

Morality in Media issued a statement early this morning that the boycott worked and posted a message received from Groupon:

“Given all the feedback from partners like you, we reassessed not only consumer interest but also merchant opinion on these types of deals. It’s never our intention to offend customers or our business partners. Your feedback has been invaluable to us and executives are regularly informed of merchant response, both positive and negative. As a result of the feedback from the Armory deal, we have stopped running adult deals across the country.

The Playboy Mansion deal ran after the “non-adult” rule was enacted in the U.S. due to a process glitch. As soon as we became aware of it, the deal was immediately taken down.”

However, another story posted this afternoon indicates that the victory may not be as complete as MIM wants to see.

But the news of the victorious boycott may not have been entirely correct. Asked whether a policy change had indeed taken place, a Groupon spokesperson sent the following response via email: “We continue to test different types of deals in markets around the country and run categories that represent the interests of each local customer base. While we aren’t currently accepting new adult merchants, guidelines for what types of businesses we do and do not run are constantly reevaluated on a local level.”

Some important principles can be gleaned from this boycott and the ensuing statements from Groupon:

  • The community has a right to stand up for moral issues that large companies are trying to violate.
  • It doesn’t take a majority of people to make a difference. It does take a significant number who are willing to have their voices heard and be persistent in their civil opposition.
  • The bottom line for a corporation is money and public image. Citizens can help shape social policy by using both to vote for or against organizations based on their actions in the public square.
  • Continual vigilance is needed from people on a local and national level, even when a company appears in one place to make a desired change, and especially when contrary comments are made in a different venue.
  • Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry. That fact alone will drive the decision making process of many companies, and it is up to the consumers to speak out against these culturally destructive influences.

The makers of pornography, such as Kink, are only one part of the problem. Another piece of the puzzle is those who facilitate the marketing and dissemination of porn and sexual assaults against women and children. Hopefully, Groupon is removing itself from the former category, but another media battle is raging with Backpage.com.

Public outcry causes Groupon to back down from adult deals across the county – National sex trafficking | Examiner.com.