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Covenant Homeschool Resource Center: Setting the standard, providing resources

Unit study classes provide wide skill development for pre-K homeschoolers

A unit study is a great way to engage preschoolers in educational activities that will grow their basic skills in a fun and enriching way.  Whether the little one is your first-born, the youngest of several or somewhere in between, a themed focus can incorporate mastery strategies into a range of learning activities.

A signature piece of the classes at Covenant Home School Resource Center (CHSRC) in Phoenix is the correlating of two or more courses as a unit study base.  For 2012-2013, the 3 to 6-year olds are offered a special treat of  the combined classes, Story Book Art and Story Book Unit Study in which they will do art projects in the first class and a math, science or geography project in the second class.  Each session will be based on a different children’s literature favorite.

Unit study classes provide wide skill development for pre-K homeschoolers – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com.

Challenges of providing homeschool services with a non-profit resource center

At the turn of the 21st century, homeschool materials and resources were starting to have a significant place in the educational marketplace, but there were very few places, and none in Arizona, for a homeschooler to find information in one place.  Karen Borg and a small handful of others dreamed of a one-stop location that would be a hub for the most important things homeschool families needed: Encouragement and knowledge, access to curriculum, classes to aid parents in subjects they couldn’t handle, student testing, and a place to network with other like-minded folks.  Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenixbecame the fulfillment of that dream in 2001. (Read Part 1and Part 2)

There have been many challenges for Karen and CHSRC in ten years.  Most years, staffing levels have been minimal, so everyone has several roles.  Karen generally spends 10-12 hours a day at the center—teaching, preparing lessons and labs, and overseeing all the operations.

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Covenant Home School Resource Center: Measuring Karen Borg’s leadership impact

As a principal of a tiny Christian school in Phoenix, Arizona, Karen Borg personally knew the needs of families wanting a quality education for their children.  Many families were homeschoolers and embraced the freedom of home education.  When the school closed in 2001, Karen became the foundress of Covenant Home School Resource Center, a fitting next step in her passion for teaching and nurturing a generation of students who have the drive to succeed.  (Read Part 1)

Parental choice in education is a strong core of Karen’s approach to her work.  She believes the family is the most important institution, and home schooling, or small parent-run schools are an extension of the family.  She wants other families to have the same educational options that she had for her children.

Over the years, Karen has helped create workshops for parents, study aids for the students, and a network of relationships within the larger homeschool and private school community.   The resource center has been a perfect venue for imparting love of learning to the children and tools for parents for helping their children excel.

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Karen Borg: Ignited by love of teaching and passion for homeschooling families

A homeschool connection has been part of Karen Borg’s DNA since before her children were born.  Her church, Reformed Presbyterian in Phoenix, decided to start a small Christian school for their members in the late 70s.  She began volunteering with the school right after her first child was born for the 1979-1980 school year.  Even though he was a long way from being school age, she wanted to see it succeed so it would be there when her children were ready.

Covenant Christian School (CCS) was homeschool friendly from the beginning.  The classes met half days with parents as teachers in a small, Christ-centered community.  Many of the early families were homeschoolers who wanted a sort of co-op setting, long before homeschool co-ops became the vogue.  Grade levels were combined to have a maximum of 10-15 students per classroom, and the focus was on solid college preparation.

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Extreme volunteer: Patty Sepp leads homeschool Youth & Government team to honors

I believe that parents should have the option to educate their child(ren) in the most appropriate setting.  Our family chose to use both the homeschool and public school settings, depending upon our own child’s passion.  However, my heart had a special place for homeschooling because it gave our family a special bond and appreciation for education that is very lacking in our society. 

Patty Sepp has a very full life in the homeschooling community, even three years after her youngest graduated from high school.  In addition to numerous geography related classes and offerings, she specifically targets teen leadership development as an advisor for the Glendale, Arizona YMCAYouth in Government program.  Students in each chapter spend several weeks learning about the governmental and legislative process.  Then, all the chapters in Arizona have a Model Legislature weekend at the state capitol.  It is a very in-depth program with weekly assignments, and is time-intensive for the advisors.

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Passion for geography fuels homeschool mom’s award winning classes

Passionate is a word that describes Patty Sepp in a number of areas.  As a homeschool mom and community leader in Phoenix for 24 years, Patty definitely has a passion for education and homeschooling in particular.  She also has a zealous fire for developing teen leadership and for the often-maligned subject of geography.

In 1987, Patty began homeschooling her three (and later four) children.  Quickly getting involved in a homeschool support group, she took on leadership and support roles.  When the National Geography Bee competition debuted in 1989, Patty’s oldest daughter was eligible, and with coaxing from a friend, Patty became coach and proctor for a homeschool team.  This ignited her passion for the subject, a totally new direction from her previous teaching experience in vocational education.  For many years since, she has headed up school-level competitions for the homeschool community, with several of her students going on to the Arizona state Geography Bee contests.

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