Mother’s Day brunch can help rescue somebody’s daughter from sex trafficking – National sex trafficking |

Mothers are known as the face of love for their offspring. When children have gone missing or have taken a bad turn in life, many moms will continue to grieve and agonize until everything is set right once again. For the hundreds of thousands of children who have been caught up in sex trafficking, the setting right process may only come about if the girl or boy is pulled out of the situation through intervention of law enforcement and placement in a healing environment.

Troy Hailpern of Elevate Coffee Company in Phoenix wants to be part of the healing process. A special Mother’s Day Brunch has been set up as a fundraiser for StreetLightUSA, one of the few comprehensive residential treatment centers in the country for girls who have been rescued from sexual exploitation. Families can honor their moms and provide hope for some of the girls who need a safe haven of love and support. Each child enslaved in commercial sexual abuse is somebody’s daughter or son.

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Elevate Coffee Company Mother’s Day Brunch

When: Sunday, May 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Elevate Coffee Company
2530 W Happy Valley Rd, Suite 1273
At the Shops at Norterra, next to the Harkins Theatre

Phoenix, AZ 85085
(602) 341-5480

What to do: Purchase a hand-crafted sweet or savory crepe
Mom gets a free drink
$1.00 from each crepe purchased goes to StreetLightUSA to provide services for the girls.
Salads and desserts are also available.

Crepes can be purchased anytime Friday, May 11 through Sunday, May 13 and $1.00 for each one will still be donated to StreetLightUSA.

Celebrate Mom and give the gift of safety and care for some of the wounded daughters who are sex trafficking victims.

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Sex trafficking awareness: Mom’s brunch, comedy show raise funds for survivors – National sex trafficking |

It is Mother’s Day weekend. StreetLightUSA, a residential treatment in Phoenix, is being honored this weekend by area supporters who are putting on fundraising events. Both activities are great places to take the mothers in your life that would love a sweet dining experience or a great comedy show.

Elevate Coffee Company is celebrating moms with non-stop crepes for the weekend.

With each crepe purchase, mothers will receive a free drink, and $1.00 will be donated to StreetLightUSA. Offer is good Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13.

Location: 2530 W Happy Valley Rd, Suite 1273

Phoenix, AZ 85085

At the Shops at Norterra, next to the Harkins Theatre

(602) 341-5480

Special free bonus: Saturday night May 12th, the Musical Theater of Anthem will be giving a free performance. They will feature selections from their musical “Annie” and other pop music. For highlights of Anthem Musical Theater in action, click here.

  • Free to Laugh Comedy Show is playing at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix. The two shows feature comedians Carlos Oscar, Dana Daniels, and Leland Klassen. The clean, family friendly humor will have you laughing until your sides ache. A portion of each ticket will go to StreetLightUSA to provide services for the residents.

Location: Bethany Bible Church
6060 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Ticket cost: $20.00 each, purchased at the door.
Show times: 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.

StreetLightUSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and healing of girls 11-17 who have been held in hostage-like situations and have been forced to prostitute their bodies. Often, they service 10 or more customers each night, and are subjected to every kind of brutal treatment imaginable. There are very few places these children can go for safety, medical care, education, training in life skills, and resources for turning their lives around. StreetLightUSA offers all of this in their residential facility, the only such comprehensive service in Arizona, and one of a handful of similar centers across the country.

Make a date with your favorite mom to attend one of these events, and be a blessing to the girls who may need a caring place to heal from the trauma of sex trafficking.

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Could you afford your Mom? The value of a Mother’s job

For some, the idea of being a mother and a housewife is about the is about the lowest position a person could be humbled into.  In fact, I just read a quote from Dawn Johnson, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. When Johnsen worked at the pro-abortion group NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), she filed a brief with a footnote that said forcing a woman to bear a child when she didn’t want to was “disturbingly suggestive of involuntary servitude.”

In spite of the growing cultural opposition to motherhood, today we have celebrated and honored those women who have unselfishly given of their time, their money, their emotions and their hearts to bring up and nurture children to become productive adults members of society.  For the past eight years, has broken down the tasks involved in mothering and has assigned a monetary value to each aspect to come up with a Mom job description and equivalent market wage.

The job titles that best matched a mom’s definition of her work in both the U.S. and Canada are (in order of hours spent per week) housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, laundry machine operator, computer operator, psychologist, facilities manager, van driver, chief executive officer and janitor.  A Salary Wizard has even been set up so each family can customize the number of children, your location, and the exact number of hours you spend on each task.

So, how much is a Mom worth?  Just based on the 10 main portions of the job, the average for a stay-at-home mother is $122,000.  Hmmm.  Not bad.  Better actually than my husband made in his peak year before retirement.  Multiply that by 18 years minimum for one child is a cool 2.2 million.  (My friend who had a 21 year old when her last baby was born would get to multilply by 40 years, plus a differential for a total of 6 children, should come to over $5,000,000.)

The History of Mother’s Day

This information came in an email from Phoenix Flower Shops.  I don’t think I had ever heard the story, and thought it is worth sharing.

Bless those mothers in your life who are making a positive impact on their world.


Sending Flowers & Gifts Has Never Been Easier
The History of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis 

This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 10th. It’s a special day for individual’s to thank their Mother’s for the special contributions that they have made in their lives.

In the mid 1850s an Appalachian homemaker named Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis wanted to raise awareness of the poor conditions in her community so she established a day called “Mother’s Work Day .

Meanwhile, poet and social activist Julia Ward Howe (author of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”) wrote a Mother s Day Proclamation in 1870, which expressed her anti-war sentiments, but didn t aim to create a Mother s Day as we know it.

Ann Jarvis, who died on May 8, 1905, influenced the lives of many women, including her daughter Anna, who devoted much of her life to campaigning for a national holiday to commemorate all mothers and particularly her own.

In 1907, Anna Jarvis began work to memorialize the life of her mother. Anna felt children often failed to appreciate their mothers enough while their mother was still alive. She hoped Mother’s Day would increase respect for parents and strengthen family bonds.

Her mother s church in Grafton, West Virginia held the first celebration on the second anniversary of Ann Jarvis’ death on May 10, 1908. Built in 1873, the church is a National Historic Landmark and is now the International Mother s Day Shrine.

Mrs. Jarvis’ favorite flower was the white carnation and as a tribute to her, they were handed out at the service. This began the tradition of wearing a white carnation on Mother s Day if your mother is deceased and a colored carnation if your mother is living.

Anna Jarvis also began to campaign prominent businessmen, clergymen and politicians to create a national Mother’s Day. By 1911, nearly all the states were celebrating the day on their own, but it wasn’t until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother s Day and made it a national holiday.

People all over the world spend at least a day every year to honor their mother. In the U.S. and several other parts of the world, including Japan, Australia and parts of Europe, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In the England and Ireland, Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In Mexico, Mothers Day is always celebrated on May 10th. Children honor their mothers and thank them for their efforts in bringing them up. According to a custom in Mexico, sons and daughters come to the Family Home on the eve of Mothers Day on May 9. In Mexico, recognition of “Dia de las Madres” or Mothers Day began in 1922 when a journalist, Rafael Alduc n wrote an article advocating the celebration of Mother’s Day throughout the country. Although the practice had already spread to parts of Mexico, the article led to widespread observance of the holiday, and May 10th became the universal day of celebration in Mexico.

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Motherhood is worthy of honor and recognition

The great commonality of all mankind–we all have a mother!

Without mothers, naturally there would be no human race.  The maternal role has always been important for nurturing the family, passing on the culture, encouraging the children in their endeavors, and being a counterpart to the man of the household.

More and more, this precious position of tremendous influence is being denigrated by the progressive voices who view a woman staying home with her children (or even deciding to have children) as a lowly position of domestic slavery. 

Marilyn vos Savant (the world’s smartest woman) once wrote in Parade Magazine that women who stayed home with their children were denying the community and the workplace all of the skills that they had and “wasting” them on children.  (I admit this is a paraphrase)

We forget that most people who accomplish great things in their lives had a mother who invested herself into them in  obvious and subtle ways.  It is in knowing that we are loved and capable that we can have the courage to risk trying new things.  How better to understand that than in the care of one’s own mother who knows and loves you better than anyone else will?

Celebrate your own mother or those who have been good mother figures to you on Mother’s Day.

Here is a letter from Parental which tells how some international treaties may view Mother’s Day and Motherhood.

Saving Motherhood

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. If you are a mother, we thank you and salute you for the invaluable work you do in fulfilling that vital role in the life of your children, and the heritage of our nation!

Sadly, the United Nations would hold such a sentiment to be discriminatory against women. In 2000, the United Nations CEDAW Committee (named for the Convention to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, or CEDAW) criticized the nation of Belarus for “the reintroduction of such [sex-role stereotype] symbols as a Mother’s Day and a Mothers’ Award, which it sees as encouraging women’s traditional roles.” [See paragraph 361 on page 37 of the UN document here.]

For our part, is proud to encourage women in the role of mother, as we are proud of loving fathers for the part they play. The fact is, the role of parents in directing the upbringing and education of their children is a precious and fundamental right. It should not be looked down on, nor stolen, by international governing bodies such as the CEDAW Committee, nor the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), like CEDAW, is an international treaty attempting to dictate domestic policy. Like CEDAW, it has set up a panel of UN “experts” to “advise” nations who are not in compliance with the treaty, setting international law policy which activist judges then incorporate into national law.

Unlike CEDAW, however, the UNCRC does not oppose Mother’s Day. Rather, it constitutes an attack on Motherhood itself, replacing fundamental parental rights with bureaucratic oversight at a federal and international level. Perhaps if we ratified both treaties we could just replace Mother’s Day with Social Worker’s Day, and the UN would be pleased.

The only permanent solution to prevent U.S. ratification of the UNCRC is the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which includes the provision that “No treaty may be adopted nor shall any source of international law be employed to supersede, modify, interpret, or apply to [fundamental parental rights].” This would finally end the threat of UNCRC ratification in the United States. While that alone may not preserve Mother’s Day, it can at least save Motherhood from international interference.

Please, as you value your own parents and your rights as parents to raise your own children, take a moment to forward this email to every mother you know – or even everyone who has a mother – and be sure to wish them “Happy Mother’s Day!” To sign the petition or to learn more about the dangers of the UNCRC or the need for the Parental Rights Amendment, visit us on the web at